Drinking Water Systems

Improve the Quality of your Drinking Water

We are all concerned with how our drinking water tastes and smells.

The safety and quality of our water is very important to all of us. To provide cleaner water to their families, without chemicals and other contaminants, many homeowners have turned to bottled spring or purified water for use in their home. It is much less expensive and a lot more convenient to provide great tasting, safe drinking water straight out of your faucet.

Free In-Home Water Test

Our Water Treatment Specialist can perform a free in-home water test to find out if you would benefit from a water treatment system. We can recommend the system that’s right for you.

Clean Drinking Water

Clear Choice Water Treatment can set you up with a point-of-use system right where you get your drinking water. These systems give you healthier, better tasting water by reducing contaminants in your water, including:

  • Nitrates
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Cyst (cryptosporidium)
  • Fluoride
  • Radium 226/228
water faucet

ImpressionSeries® R.O.

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drinking system

Purified drinking water for your home

Reduce harmful contaminants with the Impression® Reverse Osmosis. This system turns common tap water into the fresh, quality water we all want to drink. A four-stage system filters water down to the molecular level, then uses a final carbon filter to remove any unwanted tastes or odors. The result is healthier, better tasting water.

Benefits of the Impression Series® R.O. include:

  • Multi-Stage filtration for purified drinking water
  • Environmentally sound water treatment
  • More cost-effective than bottled drinking water
  • Fresh filtered water from your tap, at your convenience
eclipse drinking system

Advanced water quality monitoring, right at the tap.

Fill your glass with water you can trust with an Eclipse. This reliable residential water filtration system gives you and your family safe, clear water whenever it’s wanted. The Eclipse® R.O. drinking water filtration system is our top-of-the-line system, bringing your family clean, healthy water. Multiple filters clean ordinary household water to reduce unwanted and harmful contaminants. System performance is verified with a touch monitor at the base of the faucet, without needing to connect to electricity. At last, installation of a whole house water purification system is simple.

The Eclipse® R.O. system

  • Reduces harmful contaminants
  • Gets you water treatment that’s environmentally sound
  • Saves you money since bottled water won’t be necessary, thanks to cost-effective treatment of your water
  • Lets you enjoy fresh, clean water every time you turn on the faucet



The Convenient Drinking Water Solution

Nothing is as refreshing as a glass of crisp, purified water.  This system reduces bad taste and odor, even from chlorine. InterFlo can be installed at the cold-water line of any faucet. Or utilize a separate dispensing faucet for optimal flow. This water filtration option is a powerful tool for removing lead and cysts.